Video highlights benefits of configurable safety controllers

01 February 2020

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Video highlights benefits of configurable safety controllersWieland Electric is promoting a short video to demonstrate the benefits of its samos PRO COMPACT-PLUS configurable safety controller that incorporates safe motion control.

A notable feature of the samos PRO COMPACT is that safe motion control is incorporated within the base unit of the controller; compared with other options, this can save the need for up to 25 speed monitoring modules. However, the samos PRO COMPACT-PLUS integrates even more safe motion control within the base unit.

The safe motion control functions are fully configurable and include the following:

  • Standstill monitoring
  • Safe direction (SDI)
  • Safe speed range (SSR)
  • Safe limited speed (SLS)
  • Safe speed monitoring (SSM)
  • Safe limited position (SLP)

Furthermore, the high-speed inputs can operate at up to 70kHz, a maximum of four axes can be monitored by a single base unit (PLc), and performance level PLe can be achieved when using safe HTL encoders.

To ease integration within machines, the samos PRO COMPACT-PLUS also features Industrial Ethernet communications.

Follow the link to watch the video and to find out more about the samos PRO COMPACT-PLUS.

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