Machine risk assessment service from Procter Machine Safety

24 August 2018

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Machine risk assessment service from Procter Machine SafetyProcter Machine Safety is offering a machine risk assessment service for machine designers, machine builders, machine buyers, and end users with concerns about the safety of existing machinery.

Each machinery risk assessments is carried out by a qualified machinery safety expert, the results recorded and a report prepared that includes illustrations of any non-compliances or areas of concern. Depending on the requirements, risk assessments can be carried out on an individual machine, multiple machines at one or more sites, or complex machines.

Procter's machinery safety experts have many years' experience from working in a diverse variety of industries; they also have an in-depth working knowledge of the relevant machinery safety standards and regulations.

If the customer requests further support, Procter Machine Safety can advise on cost-effective measures that will enable any outstanding risks to be reduced until they are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Follow the link to find out more or to request a quote for a machine risk assessment. For machines that have been installed and are about to be put into service for the first time, or machines that are already in use, Procter Machine Safety also offers a PUWER inspection service.

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