Danfoss celebrates fifty years of AC variable-speed drives

22 August 2018

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Danfoss Drives is celebrating 50 years of designing and manufacturing AC variable speed drives with world leading products that can be applied to virtually every sector of industry.

In 1968, Danfoss was the first company to mass produce AC drives and since then, it has maintained its position as an expert in drive technology and products that enable customers to prosper in a world where rapid change is the norm.

Since the Danfoss portfolio of drives was introduced, it has helped to maximise process performance, reduce costs and cut CO2 emissions with its award-winning energy-saving technology. It has also helped to reduce unnecessary wear and tear in numerous applications through precise motor control and enhanced performance. These objectives remain central today, but the Danfoss Drives portfolio has developed and expanded to respond to the most up-to-date industry trends such as web connectivity, motor and system independence, minimisation of environmental impact and system optimisation.

Though proud of its achievements and its unequalled decades of experience, Danfoss Drives is also passionate about the future. It is estimated that by 2025 more than 5 billion people will benefit directly or indirectly in their everyday lives from benefits provided by Danfoss drives. In fact, the installed base of the company’s drives will help to save the equivalent of 60 hours of global energy consumption every year!

Alan Baird, UK & Ireland Country Manager at Danfoss Drives explains: “With our three key pillars of ‘Equip Differently’, ‘Collaborate Differently’ and ‘Optimise Differently’ we are continuing to build on half a century of AC drive history. The 50th anniversary of our pioneering drives is a great opportunity to celebrate, but it’s also a time to reaffirm our commitment to investment and development as part of our evolution.

“The promise to our customers and partners as we mark this anniversary is that we will help them create a world that’s more sustainable and better to live in by delivering products, services and solutions that are differentiated by their quality, performance, reliability and innovation.”

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