Schunk Co-Act gripper shortlisted for PPMA Show Awards

13 September 2018

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The Schunk Co-act gripper JL1 has been shortlisted for the PPMA Show Awards that will take place on the 25th September 2018 at the Hilton, NEC, Birmingham during the PPMA exhibition. The next generation of grippers has been specially designed for collaboration between humans and robots and has won plaudits and awards worldwide since its introduction.

The Schunk Co-act Gripper JL1 is the world’s very first collaborative gripper capable of directly interacting and communicating with humans. Its most distinguishing features are its flexible outer skin with curved edges, integrated protection against workpiece loss and also an LED panel used as an interface for communication with humans.

Even at a basic level, the Schunk Co-act gripper JL1 satisfies the most critical requirements of safe human/robot collaboration. It never loses grip of an object, it always detects contact with humans and it will never cause injury when gripping. A safe drive provides for both a wide gripping force range and functional safety. If a process is interrupted, such as in the case of an emergency stop, the part is ensured to remain in a reliable grip. With the help of an environment sensor, the gripper continuously detects factors in its environment and processes the data using integrated software. If it comes into unwanted contact with humans, it automatically limits its gripping force. Using specially designed gripping techniques and force-measuring jaws in its fingers, the SCHUNK Co-act gripper JL1 adjusts its behaviour in real time depending on whether it is gripping a workpiece or a human hand. It is this advanced level of technology that has seen the Co-Act nominated for yet another award.

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