Advantech to showcase IoT systems in Barcelona

26 September 2018

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Advantech will be exhibiting at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 on 16–18 October. The company will showcase its IoT products so customers can make the most of this disruptive technology. Located at GRAN VIA, Hall P2, Level 0, Street B, Stand 206, the company will showcase products that demonstrate why it is considered the world leader in IoT technology. Visitors will be introduced to the versatility of Advantech’s product portfolio offering for customers in the manufacturing, transport, healthcare, energy and construction sectors, to list but a few, as well as IoT enablers the world over.

Now in its fourth edition, the IoT Solutions World Congress is where real digital transformation happens. Advantech will showcase along with Eco Partners how ground-breaking solutions help various industry sectors increase productivity, on both a software and hardware level.

For example:

Advantech and software developer Nexiona SRL will be showcasing an Industry First Standalone IoT Platform. Built by combining Nexiona’s MIIMETIQ LITE application and Advantech’s ARK-1123 Embedded Gateway, this platform will appeal to industrial customers who are sensitive about their data and wish to introduce in-house IoT technology in a manageable, non-disruptive way.

In addition, the Advantech stand will feature a charging station for a battery-powered mini-tesla car. The demo charging station is connected to a smart meter which is used in a real Tesla charging station in Northern Taiwan. The smart meter is then connected to Advantech’s UBC-330 Mbed-edge gateway which is, in turn, managed by Mbed Cloud – just as it would in a real deployment.

In collaboration with device management and security specialist Ardexa, Advantech will also be showing a benchmark program that provides secure data connections, remote control, edge-processing and field service tools to over 150 energy plants for one of the largest renewable energy asset managers across Europe. Visitors will be able to see how Advantech helps set the foundation for dynamic green energy production, storage and distribution.

On the healthcare front, Advantech will be featuring the ‘WellPoint’ patient self-testing kiosk in partnership with BeWell Innovations. The WellPoint kiosk allows people to independently measure their own vital parameters at a point-of-care, and it delivers the resulting health parameters to physicians. This frees up time for caregivers to perform more critical tasks. The kiosk can also be valuable in communities where medical facilities are less accessible.

The company will present in the Enabling IoT section a new product powered by BTI. In industries like mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction to public services like firefighting, worker safety remains a prime concern and a constant challenge. This new offering showcases an out-of-the-box, end-to-end IoT architecture for worker health and safety monitoring. It features MIOTY LPWAN technology from BTI, Advantech gateways powered by Intel Core i5 processors, and the Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud.

Advantech and Sioux LIME also partner up at the IOTSWC to show their AI and Cognitive Systems. They will demonstrate how together they bring machine learning to the high-tech industry by developing and manufacturing non-standard products for systems and processes:

Lastly, but by no means least, Advantech and Geprom team up at the IOTSWC to show their IOT manufacturing products. They feature the innovative Legato Sapient, a flexible, scalable and modular MES system to control production in real time. Legato plans, controls and monitors in real time all the information of the productive process. The system has more than 24 independent units that are implemented according to the client’s needs. The collected data is processed and stored in real time and is turned into a personalised report for its analysis and decision making:

With its global footprint, Advantech is today the biggest IoT partner in the world. The company was the first to conceptualise co-creation as ‘the’ way to approach the IoT market. With its strong base in hardware platforms, the company has been actively promoting the co-creation model, working with SRP software partners and system integrators to build a complete industrial IoT (IIoT) supply chain and accelerate the realisation of related applications.

IIoT applications are on the threshold of becoming widely implemented in various industries. However, the key to success lies with platform technology suppliers, such as Advantech, and their ability to work closely with industry professionals to integrate and form standardised and easily duplicated SRPs based on a combination of software and hardware products.

Advantech is already co-creating Solution-Ready Packages (SRPs) to help customers get a jump-start into the IoT market. As part of co-creation initiatives with various national and international companies, some 30 SRPs will officially be released later this year. During the company’s IoT Co-Creation Summit, taking place early November in Suzhou, China, there will be informative keynote speeches and thought-provoking panel discussions. Ultimately, the event is likely to prove a great platform for showcasing services and matchmaking with the most prominent solutions providers in the industry.

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