Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards list, 18 March 2019

29 March 2019

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Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards list, 18 March 2019A 'Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/436' of 18 March 2019 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) on 19 March, relating to harmonised standards for the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Previously we have published lists of changes to the list of harmonised standards on, and you can see our Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards change log at the link.

The Commission Implementing Decision is a new way of publishing changes to the list of harmonised standards. There is now a list of harmonised standards in Annex I, a further list in Annex II of harmonised standards that are published in the OJ 'with a restriction' and a list in Annex III of standards that are being withdrawn. Follow the link to see the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/43, complete with the three annexes.

Mario Gabrielli Cossellu, an EC official, has written an explanation of the new format and the reasons behind it, and you can read this on LinkedIn.

Note that recital 14 of Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/436 states that EN ISO 12100:2010 is to be withdrawn. However, it has been reported elsewhere that this is an editorial error and EN ISO 12100:2010 is NOT being withdrawn. [UPDATE 15 November 2019: The EC has now officially recognised this as an error, as published in Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/1863, which is reported in this page EN ISO 12100:2010 harmonised standard status clarification - Ed]

Previous lists of harmonised standards included the comment 'This is the first publication' alongside new additions, but there are no such comments on the new-format 'Annex I' list, which makes it much harder to see which standards are new. Annex II does include notes about restrictions, and all three Annexes include a column showing whether the standard is an A-type, B-type or C-type standard.

Standards being withdrawn

Annex III, the list of standards being withdrawn, shows the date of withdrawal. Note that most of these were withdrawn on 19 March 2019, the date on which the Commission Implementing Decision was published in the OJ. The following are examples of the standards being withdrawn, all of which were withdrawn on 19 March 2019. Note that the only Type-B standards being withdrawn are EN 1037 and EN ISO 11200; all of the others are Type-C standards. In total 37 standards are being withdrawn.

  • EN 1037:1995+A1:2008 Safety of machinery - Prevention of unexpected start-up
  • EN 692:2005+A1:2009 Machine tools - Mechanical presses - Safety
  • EN 693:2001+A2:2011 Machine tools - Safety - Hydraulic presses
  • EN 13736:2003+A1:2009 Safety of machine tools - Pneumatic presses
  • EN 61496-1:2013 Safety of machinery - Electro-sensitive protective equipment - Part 1: General requirements and tests
  • EN ISO 11200:2014 Acoustics - Noise emitted by machinery and equipment - Guidelines for the use of basic standards for the determination of emission sound pressure levels at a work station and at other specified positions

Previous changes to Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards

Since 2011 has analysed each new list of Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) and summarised the additions and changes. These previous analyses of the Harmonised Standards can be seen by following this link:

Definition of Harmonised Standard

A Harmonised Standard is a European Standard that has been developed by one of the European Standards Organisations (ESOs) - ie CEN, CENELEC or ETSI - in response to a 'standardisation mandate' issued by the European Commission. Harmonised Standards support European legislation in helping the implementation of the European Commission directives, particularly the New Approach directives. Lists of Harmonised Standards supporting EU Directives and Regulations are available on the European Commission website. It is not obligatory to comply with Harmonised Standards, but doing so provides a presumption of conformity with the essential requirements of the relevant directive.

A Transposed Harmonised Standard is a national standard of an EU Member State that transposes a Harmonised Standard; for example, if EN ISO 12100:2010 is the Harmonised Standard, BS EN ISO 12100:2010 is the Transposed Harmonised Standard published by BSI (ie the British Standard).

Definition of Machinery Directive

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is the European legislative act that provides the regulatory basis for the harmonisation of the essential health and safety requirements (EHSRs) for machinery at European Union level. As well as promoting the free movement of machinery within the Single Market, the Machinery Directive also guarantees a high level of protection to EU workers and citizens. Member States are obliged to adapt their laws to meet the goals of the Directive; in the UK the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the amending directive 2009/127/EC are implemented with Statutory Instruments 2008/1597 The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 and 2011/2157 The Supply of Machinery (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations 2011.

Future changes to Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards

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The information above has been compiled with care but it remains the reader's responsibility to check the list of harmonised standards via the link above, and also to check the Machinery Directive (MD) page on the European Commission website for any newer lists.

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