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08 May 2019

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Now available from Amazon: CE Marking of Machinery CE Marking of Machinery has been written to help managers and engineers CE mark general industrial machinery in readiness for sale in the EU. The CE Mark is the visible indication that the machine is declared to be compliant with the Essential Requirements of the applicable European Directives. The objective of this book is to explain in a clear and practical manner, and in plain English, the supplier's obligations in relation to the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The author, Robin Carver, has written CE Marking of Machinery to 'lift the veil' from the existing and seemingly complex Machinery Directive by breaking down the CE marking process into steps that can easily be followed by means of an illustrated, logical flow process.

Available from Amazon, CE Marking of Machinery is an easy-to-follow reference book, compiled for machine design engineers, managers and, additionally, purchasers of machinery who need to understand their suppliers' obligations and to enable them to check the suitability of their processes in terms of compliance.

The objective of the book is to make the CE marking process more transparent and easier to apply. The book explains the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs) and the 'route' to CE marking, and provides templates for the Technical File and the EC Declarations of Conformity and Incorporation.

Jon Severn, Editor of, comments: "If you are new to CE marking or are unsure whether you are following the correct procedure, this book is essential reading. As well as covering the CE marking process itself, the book also provides useful background information about the countries where CE marking is required, Directives other than the Machinery Directive that could also be applicable, Notified Bodies, standards, and there is a helpful introduction to the Use of Work Equipment Directive. Throughout the book there are extracts from the Machinery Directive, complete with references, so readers can cross-check and seek more detailed information or advice if required."

Complementary to CE Marking of Machinery is the author's Machine Designers' Data Book for Safety (also available from Amazon) which is an easy-to-search reference book containing tables, charts and formulas. This book is intended for machine design engineers, maintenance engineers and managers responsible for the safety of machinery.

About the author

Robin Carver is a qualified Safety Systems Engineer and a Safety Practitioner with over 40 years' experience in the design and assessment of a wide range of machinery in an equally wide field of applications and environments. He is involved in aiding and assisting companies with the safety of machinery including bringing products and machinery to market (CE marking), the use of work equipment (PUWER98) and systems and machine safety verification and validation. He has received formal recognition and is listed on the Occupational Safety & Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) as offering sensible and proportionate advice on machinery safety.

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