Parker ParCoat coatings improve installation of seals

14 June 2019

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Parker ParCoat coatings improve installation of sealsParker Prädifa, the engineered materials group of Parker Hannifin Corporation, as part of its extensive portfolio of materials and products, offers coatings of the ParCoat family specifically developed for elastomeric products. They facilitate assembly and, as a result, ensure reliable and long-lasting seal performance.

During assembly processes, there is a risk of seals that look near-identical but have different functions being mixed up. Another risk is that of seals being damaged during installation due to high assembly forces. Typically going undetected initially, both of these potential error sources may lead to premature failure of the entire sealing system with respective consequential errors and costs.

In addition, high-volume manufacturing of elastomer seals supplied as bulk material that is separated in conveyor systems entails the risk of seals sticking together. The resulting stacking of sealing elements may lead to in-process trouble up to and including line standstill.

With ParCoat coatings the surface properties of elastomeric components can be systematically modified and optimised. They are suitable for all commonly used elastomer grades and clearly reduce assembly forces, among other things. For instance, with standard connectors on automotive air conditioning systems, a reduction by 50 per cent and more can be achieved compared with uncoated O-rings or O-rings with other coatings.

Clean separation, depositing and feeding in high-volume production is ensured by choosing a respective ParCoat coating as well.

Various coatings in coloured and transparent versions are available, depending on the application requirements. Coloured versions serve to mark products and to avoid mix-ups. In addition, for corporate identity purposes, elastomer seals may be coated in the customer’s corporate colour. Especially for small or special production series, for which the development of a respectively coloured material is not economically feasible, ParCoat coatings are an easy and cost-effective way to provide elastomeric components with the desired colour. On the other hand, transparent versions are used to coat coloured basic compounds when the basic colour must not be altered.

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