HSE rebrands HSL activities as 'Solutions from HSE'

05 July 2019

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HSE rebrands HSL activities as 'Solutions from HSE'The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is changing the way it provides non-statutory services. Previously the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) offered training, consultancy, validation and similar services, but now these will come under the HSE umbrella brand as Solutions from HSE.

The HSE will continue to provide its core services, namely guidance and research relating to health and safety in the workplace, to help employers meet their legal obligations. However, the HSE is now offering additional product and services for employers who need more support. Solutions from HSE products and services include the following:

  • Publications and Products - such as booklets, software and online tools to educate employers and workers.
  • Training and Events - for educating employers and workers, building on HSE's extensive expertise.
  • Testing and Monitoring - such as large-scale testing of products, materials and processes; laboratory-based sampled analysis and exposure testing; and proficiency-testing of third-party laboratories.
  • Bespoke Research and Consultancy - applying the HSE's scientific expertise and regulatory insight to address health and safety risks, either for organisations or as part of a shared research programme.

For more information about the new Solutions from HSE brand, as well as the products and services available, go to

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