HSE website helps organisations prepare for Brexit

25 September 2019

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)visit website


The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has created a dedicated area on its website to help organisations prepare for Brexit.

Larger businesses should have the resources to prepare themselves for Brexit but smaller organisations find it harder to get ready for what could be a big change. Nevertheless, it is important that small businesses know that there will be no changes to what they need to do to manage health and safety risk once the UK leaves the EU, whether we leave without a deal or with a deal (and whatever form that deal may take).

The HSE states that "When the UK leaves the European Union (EU), we have made arrangements to ensure our health and safety laws and the protection they provide will remain in place, so it will be the same as it is now.

"You should continue to manage health and safety risk in a proportionate way, so workers are protected and people go home healthy and safe. Our practical advice and guidance, health and safety made simple: the basics for your business, will help you to comply with the law."

To support small organisations, the HSE has created its Brexit website to provide information on a range of topics and what to do in any scenario. As well as general information that is applicable to all organisations, the Brexit website also has an area that focuses on 'Regulating equipment and machinery', particularly in the event of the UK leaving the EU with an agreement in place that includes an implementation period.

Follow the link to visit the Brexit website and see the HSE's advice.

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