Request an igus virtual visit on site or from your home office

08 April 2020

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Request an igus virtual visit on site or from your home officeigus personally provides support and advice through a wide range of communication channels, including face-to-face visits, phone calls and emails. However, in the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many firms are restricting visits to external companies and sometimes these traditional channels are not interactive enough.

With its virtual visit, igus offers a simple alternative: assembly aids and drawings as well as a tour of the machine, interactive presentations for designers, buyers and other stakeholders are provided over the internet. Virtual igus consultations can be provided on a wide variety of digital channels as required – via smartphone, desktop sharing or chat. If you are still working on site then the virtual visit can take place from your office or alongside a machine - or you can have an igus engineer meet you online when you are working from home.

A short video demonstrates the advantages of virtual igus visits, or follow this link to book your virtual visit with an igus engineer. For more information about igus products and services go to

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