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15 April 2020

ATAM (UK) Ltdvisit website


ATAM is launching its newly revamped website. Innovation and renewal have always driven the market strategy of this prominent manufacturer of encapsulated coils and industrial connectors, and the corporate website is no exception.

The new website is very easy to browse, thanks to a revised visual layout that combines photos, creative compositions, and technical infographics. Precise semantics, where images instantly show the nature of the company, its products, and their scope of application, combine with infographics which translate technical concepts into icons, making them easier to understand. This enables users to find the information they are looking for in no more than three clicks, in line with the latest customer experience trends that demand clear and multidirectional touchpoints.

The pop-up menu on the homepage – Company, Products, and Innovation – allows visitors to find their page in just one click and can be accessed any time during navigation.

Responsive design allows the site to optimise on any mobile or desktop device whilst its mobile-friendly characteristics mean that users can also benefit from functions, such as geolocation and dynamic navigation.

The revamped ATAM website has a new and improved products section. By entering a few search parameters, users will access a series of product descriptions and technical data sheets.

Catalogues, instructions for use, and the company presentation can be accessed from the download area.

The new website has two significant additions:

  • an Innovation section, which describes ATAM’s production process and allows users to navigate through the company’s departments, thanks to its graphic-architectural interface.
  • a Communications section, where you can find all the news, press releases, and a press review sorted in chronological order, while older posts are sorted by categories.

The homepage links to ATAM’s Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube profiles. This way, users can access continuously updated content and get to know every aspect of the company.

Visit the new website at

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