New Rotronic catalogue now available

26 June 2020

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New Rotronic catalogue now availableNew from ROTRONIC Instruments is a catalogue featuring all of its current range of precision measurement products, complete with full technical specifications on each. Products for the measurement of humidity, moisture, differential pressure, indoor CO2, and meteorology are all covered, and there are pages detailing products for ATEX and cleanroom applications too. Follow the link to download a copy now (pdf).

The company also offers a system for continuous environmental monitoring, with all data available securely anywhere and on any device. The validated Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS) covers additional parameters that can be monitored with straightforward sensor integration (for oxygen as an example). Rotronic states that RMS is fully modular and can easily be extended as monitoring requirements change.

Rotronic manufactures a range of calibration accessories including the HygroGen2 portable temperature and humidity calibrator, for use with any manufacturer’s probes. An XL version has greater chamber capacity making to cope with higher volume calibration work, and for loggers and larger devices. Rotronic UK has UKAS accreditation for temperature, humidity and dew point laboratory calibration.

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