New range of pneumatic cylinders from norelem

08 July 2020

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Norelem is introducing a range of pneumatic cylinders, consisting of standard, compact and round versions which offer straightforward installation. The includes a DIN ISO 21287 compact cylinder which is equipped with position sensing for proximity switches and elastic damping on both sides, allowing the cylinder to return to its original shape after absorbing shock or vibration. Also included in the line-up is a DIN ISO 15552 standard cylinder, offering a sustainable design. norelem remains keen to focus on sustainable products and with this standard cylinder, 20 per cent of the material can be saved during production as the tube is made of anodised aluminium.

Also in the range is a DIN ISO 6432 round cylinder, made from stainless steel to resist corrosion in a variety of environments. It can also operate in ambient temperatures of -20degC to +80degC. There are three DIN-ISO standard types with different stroke lengths and rod diameters, for example the DIN ISO 15552 standard cylinder is available with rod diameters of 32 to 80mm and stroke lengths of 25 to 250mm. In addition, the range includes a DIN ISO 21287 compact cylinder which is available with a male or female thread and piston diameters of 20 to 40mm with stroke lengths of 10 to 50mm. A DIN ISO 6432 round cylinder also features and has piston diameters of 10 to 25mm with stroke lengths of 10mm to 200mm.

Machine builders can find the parts they need from norelem’s catalogue and reference guide, THE BIG GREEN BOOK, and products can be ordered online directly through norelem’s webshop. Go to for further details.

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