Timeserver – always the right time in your network

10 July 2020

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Timeserver – always the right time in your networkThe FL Timeserver NTP from Phoenix Contact is an alternative to Internet-based time services and public NTP servers. Due to the steadily growing networking of different network devices, it is becoming increasingly important to provide the precise time. Log entries on various devices need to be kept in sync and the time stamp displayed in video recordings needs to be stored correctly.

This robust time server is used in networks that are without Internet access, or as a fallback time server in case the Internet connection is lost, an invaluable assurance to many users. Enclosed in a suitable watertight outdoor housing with an integrated antenna, the device receives GPS, Galileo or GLONASS signals. It makes the time available in the network via NTP and, where necessary, also provides geo-position data via NMEA to every network device. The device is powered conveniently via Power over Ethernet or 24V DC.

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