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21 July 2020

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Following several years of development, TM Robotics is releasing its new TS5000 robot controller. The company says it forms a launch pad for the next generation of industrial robots from Shibaura Machine (formerly known as Toshiba Machine) and that the new products offer faster position control, improved robot precision and shortened cycle times. The TS5000 robot controller has been engineered by Shibaura Machine in Japan and compared with previous controllers, it provides improved synchronisation and control. Its position cycle is three times faster than previous models, allowing more control during fast movements. Combined with an automatic adjustment function for acceleration, these features reduce vibration and stress.

The communication functions of the TS5000 have also been enhanced, and the controller enables real-time data transmission between itself and the robot, allowing manufacturers to integrate the system into a smart factory environment. This improved communication also enables vibration analysis for predictive and preventative maintenance. The new TS5000 also has dedicated ports for status feedback and control, allowing additional ports for priority communications such as vision interfacing and control. For non-protocol communication, the TS5000 boasts eight ports – a four-fold increase on the previous TS3000 model, says TM Robotics.

As well as improved communication, the TS5000’s physical features have also been upgraded, delivering a 33 per cent smaller footprint than previous controllers. It weighs just 10kg, so the controller is likely to have minimal impact on the factory footprint, and a compact design also allows for easy installation. Alongside the new controller, TM Robotics has released the new TP5000 teach pendant as an optional add-on. Sometimes referred to as a ‘teach box’, a robot’s teach pendant is used to control the robot manually. This addition is important for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes, as well as for fine tuning the robot after installation.

Nigel Smith, President and CEO of TM Robotics explains: “The TS5000 controller is the latest robotic technology from the team at Shibaura Machine. As Shibaura Machine’s primary distribution partner, TM Robotics will be providing this new controller and its accompanying teach pendant to users in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia, as well as North and South America. The controller boasts improvements in usability compared to previous models and will provide the baseline controller for the next generation of robots from Shibaura Machine in Japan. This includes the most recent THE600 SCARA model, which is available to order now”.

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