Drive solutions for the bakery industry

27 July 2020

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Drive solutions for the bakery industry NORD Drivesystems is promoting its capability for machine builders designing for the bakery industry. The company is highlighting a variety of key points including lightweight, corrosion-resistant gear units, together with smooth surface motors, frequency inverters and motor starters in wash-down-optimised aluminium housings. It products often find their way into mixing and agitation processes in the sector, as well as conveyor systems, weighing and filling plants and packaging machinery. It states that its product portfolio for the bakery business meets stringent requirements on hygiene, reliability and durability and that due to their modular structure, its drive units are also service and maintenance friendly.

NORD claims that its nsd tupH surface treatment provides excellent anti-corrosion properties for its gear units, smooth motors, frequency inverters and motor starters in wash-down applications, with cast aluminium housings aiding the process. nsd tupH drive units are, says the company, a robust and durable alternative to painted geared motors or stainless steel drive units. A respective treatment is available for all NORD products made from aluminium. In nsd tupH aluminium drive units, all DIN and standard components, including drive shafts, are made from stainless steel, and in addition to quiet running, fanless smooth motors do not spread germs.

NORD’sMAXXDRIVE industrial gear units can operate under what the company calls extreme conditions, and provide high output torques up to 282kNm. The new SAFOMI IEC adapter with an energy-efficient electric motor from NORD is a popular choice for mixers and agitator applications in bakery applications: it reduces the number of wearing parts and associated components. The SAFOMI adapter combines the functions of a standard IEC adapter and an oil expansion tank in one single component, meaning that its use on the agitator drive increases operational reliability and lowers maintenance efforts. Oil tanks and hoses as well as the radial shaft seal between gear unit and IEC cylinder are not required. The SAFOMI adapter is available for parallel gear units in sizes 7 to 11 (output torques from 25 to 75kNm).

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