New CAN pushbutton modules introduced

HMI specialist Griessbach now offers CAN modules with 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 pushbuttons as off-the-shelf Basic and Pro products

The new Basic series from Griessbach features pushbutton icons which are lit by white LEDs, and two green 'status' LEDs above the individual buttons. The pushbuttons on Pro modules feature ring lighting in traffic light colours, with an optional colour change; RGB LEDs enable individual icon lighting in freely selectable colours. The Pro-series modules feature a remote wake-up function and can be activated from power-saving mode to a functional state via a CAN request and the integrated error memory automatically logs any malfunctions.

Pushbutton modules for decentralised control of machine functions are designed for quick and easy installation and bus connection via CANopen and J1939. Griessbach says that all the Basic and Pro models can be configured as required for baud rate, addressing, terminating resistor and front foil design. Deutsch plug connectors fed in from below are resin-moulded with the entire assembly inside the housing; they secure the connection against mechanical stress caused by shock and vibration. Full resin-casting prevents ingress of dust, dirt, and moisture to IP65 .

A powerful 32-bit controller increases the units' storage capacity for implementing customised and safety protocols and also provides a larger bandwidth for data communication.

New CAN modules have just been announced
New CAN modules have just been announced

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