New DSH servo motors for high-precision applications

With the new DSH1 series servo motors, where 'H' stands for high precision, Baumüller has created another derivative in its servo motor range. This latest product impresses with a particularly low detent torque (almost zero cogging) and an extremely high control accuracy, especially in combination with Baumüller drives.

The DSH1 high-precision servo motors were developed specifically for applications requiring high-quality, smooth motion. A typical application in handling and robotics include welding robots that produce components with a precise and high-quality welding seam. Due to the excellent control properties of the new servo motors, they are also excellent for label printing machines that have to achieve a consistently high and reproducible print quality.

Baumüller's new motors can be optimally integrated with other products from the current DS servo motor range. With the existing modular system, the mechanical interfaces and connection technology are designed to be the same as on existing Baumüller servo motors in the DSH1 series as well. This means that, depending on the application requirements, the optimal servo motor can be used without requiring the machine manufacturer to make adjustments in the mechanics or connection technology. The maximum rotational speed range of the DSH1 servo motors, which are available in the sizes 45-100, is up to 6000rpm with rated outputs of up to 10kW in the self-cooling version.

Follow the link for more information about the new DSH1 series servo motors.

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