New electromagnetic brake is immune to remanence

If dynamic braking processes occur in an application, the housing of the brake becomes magnetically energised. This so-called remanence (residual magnetism) can lead to restrictions within the machine or system and consequently to increased costs.

Due to a redesign of the COMBINORM B electromagnetic brake from KEB Automation, remanence does not occur in the first place. In addition, the underlying mode of operation noticeably extends the service life of important components.  

As an invisible force, brakes are responsible for starting, stopping, safe holding and positioning in numerous applications. Depending on the braking process, the housing of the brake may become magnetically energised (remanence). The more often a brake switches, the more self-remanence develops. As a result, the rotor on the brake is no longer powerful enough to rotate freely. The brake locks and the motor stops. Other consequences are increased wear and, in the worst case scenario, motor burnout, which can result in the entire machine or system coming to a standstill.

KEB has addressed this problem with the COMBINORM B brake, which is actuated by the operating voltage. The electromagnetic brake is the most economical solution for braking and holding loads for flange- and shaft-mounted installation in machines and systems.

Anti-remanence function

The special feature of the COMBINORM B brake is the housing, which is divided into an inner and outer housing. As Simon Janke, sales manager for brakes and clutches at KEB explains: “We’ve developed the COMBINORM B as a powerful anti-remanence brake. For this, we rely on an artificially created air gap that prevents the armature part from sticking to the magnet. There are no effects on the torque.”

Originally manufactured to a customer’s individual request, the brake with anti-remanence function is now available for use in a wide range of applications. “In addition to mail processing, the classic areas in which the brake is used include winding devices, door and gate systems, roller conveyors, balancing or sorting machines,” states Janke. In addition, the COMBINORM B is also suitable as a solution for medical technology and packaging machines.

The anti-remanence property is not the only advantage the brake provides. It also offers short switching times, which contributes to increased safety in the machine. Furthermore, a wide temperature and voltage range is covered – the best conditions for use in as many areas as possible. For example, a high range of temperatures is often required in outdoor applications. This flexibility makes it possible to serve even very customer-specific applications. Backlash-free, maintenance-free and with a long service life, the COMBINORM B saves costs and, with its compact design, finds sufficient space in many applications.

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