New EOS4 watertight safety light curtain

Norstat Inc has just introduced its new Ecolab ‘Food Graded’ watertight enclosures 

The new enclosures allow the ESO4 Safety light curtain to be used in harsh of environments, specifically those with exposure to water and steam. The space saving EOS WTF and WTHF cylindrical enclosures (which are only 56mm diameter) have an IP 69K rating and can withstand up to 100 bar of water jet pressure at a temperature of 80°Celsius. 

The Ecolab “Food Graded” version uses inert and non-toxic components which allow the WTF (watertight) and WTHF  (watertight & heated) enclosures to be used in the Food and Beverage industry, where harsher environments or frequent washdown procedures are required. Both the WTHF and Heated versions utilise a thermostatically-controlled heating system and can work down to temperatures as low as -25°Celsius.

The enclosures also incorporate a valve to drain humidity and avoid any condensation that may occur. The new enclosures are made of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) with POM-C (acetal resin DELRIN®) sealing caps which feature an anti-condensation system utilizing integrated GORE valves. These enclosures are available with POM-C and stainless steel fastening brackets, which Norstat says makes them a suitable solution for environments where there is exposure to water and steam and wash down systems as well as for a wider variety of food and beverage industry applications.

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