New era begins with PD30 Photoelectric sensors and IO-Link

Carlo Gavazzi extends PD30 photoelectric sensors family to include IO-Link versions

“The PD30 IO-Link photoelectric sensors are not short on features; and include background and foreground suppression, PointSpot versions offer sensing distances up to 6m, diffuse reflective variants with IR or red emitted 1M sensing distance, retro-reflective sensors with or without polarisation and through beam sensors, which are used to detect objects either by reflection or interruption of the emitted light beam,” states Carlo Gavazzi

The PD30 is manufactured in a reinforced PMMA/ABS IP67 housing and includes a manual potentiometer for easy set-up and adjustment, NO and NC outputs and NPN and PNP v N.O., N.C, NPN, PNP, push-pull, external input or as remote teach function, Timer functions can be set, such as ON-delay, Off-delay, and one shot, while logging functions are offered for temperatures, detecting counter, power cycles and operating hours.

Extra functionality

“Utilising the latest IO-Link technology adds functionality to many industrial applications, providing programmability and customisation to your sensors, and solutions to common factory automation dilemmas,” adds Carlo Gavazzi. “IO-Link can provide many advantages, such as standardised and reduced wiring, broader range of available data and configurations, remote configuration, monitoring and diagnostics, as well as easy replacement.”

Carlo Gavazzi’s PD30 of sensors have been designed to fulfil the industrial requirements in providing a flexible smart sensor with accurate detection of objects of different sizes, shapes, or surface structures, in the food & beverage, machine tools, packaging & wrapping, materials handling and plastic & rubber markets. “In addition, the IO-Link communication increases flexibility. making settings very easy.”


Utilising the latest IO-Link technology is said to add functionality to many industrial applications.
Utilising the latest IO-Link technology is said to add functionality to many industrial applications.

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