New guard lock accessory combats unintentional shutdown

Accidentally opening an access point on an automated machine can create much time-intensive aggravation

Such problems are especially the case with high-speed equipment typically used in FMCG sites, including fillers and wrappers, says Euchner.

“Even though the danger to personnel may dissipate instantly as the door is opened, there is still a major inconvenience with machines often going out of sequence, products piling up or toppling over, blockages occurring, spillages and additional product waste,” cautions the company. “All this disruption impacts costs and productivity.

“Non-contact, non-locking safety switches may meet the needs of the application from a personnel safety viewpoint, but often these devices don’t help when the process requires a pre-programmed rundown to prevent damage to the equipment or product.”

To combat this problem, Euchner offers the CEM-C60 guard locking expansion for its non-contact safety switches to give greater process protection. The compact CEM-C60 performs as an expansion for the CES-C04 & C07 ranges of transponder coded safety switches. The new modular design is said to offer the user full flexibility for switch selection when choosing the device and even more freedom in selecting a suitable connection variant. “The existing switches are easily mounted to the CEM-C60, allowing straightforward conversion of pre-existing installations into a process protection guard locking system.”

Once in place, adds Euchner, the CEM-C60 offers a strong guard locking force of 650N. The new range of magnetic door locks also offers the option of an integrated permanent magnet, providing 30N of magnetic force to ensure the door will remain firmly closed, even when the solenoid has been switched off – a feature that is particularly useful on machinery with high levels of vibration to prevent inadvertent operation of the safety system.

When used in conjunction with the CES-C04 or CES-C07 switch ranges, the device can achieve a maximum safety rating of PLe/CAT4 for reliable detection of the door position. A key feature of the lock accessory is the spring-mounted actuator plate that can be deflected up to an angle of ±4°, allowing it to automatically align itself to the CEM guard locking solenoid’s surface when the door is closed – even if the door should drift slightly out of adjustment over time.

The IP67-rated guard locking device boasts a strong design and features a nickel-plated solenoid surface, offering high corrosion resistance when used in arduous conditions.

The CEM-C60 is said to offer a strong guard locking force of 650N.
The CEM-C60 is said to offer a strong guard locking force of 650N.

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