New Hoopster low-profile internal and external retaining rings

TFC is now supplying Smalley Hoopster retaining rings, which are described as a low-profile alternative to conventional retaining rings and internal and external circlips. The main advantage of Hoopsters is that they require only a shallow groove, yet they still provide good resistance to light and medium axial loads. Furthermore, their low profile means their projection beyond the groove is minimal, and they can be installed and removed without special tools.

Customers can specify either carbon steel or 302 grade stainless steel, and both metric and imperial sizes are available ex-stock. A further choice for customers is whether or not to opt for the small bend on one end that eases removal. Hoopsters are manufactured by rolling from flat wire, rather than being stamped, so there are no tooling charges for custom sizes.

Hoopster retaining rings are available in a wide range of standard sizes to operate in bore diameters and on shaft diameters of 10-76mm and 0.375-3.0 inches.

Follow the link for more information about Hoopster retaining rings or to contact TFC's engineering team to discuss specific applications.

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