New laser sensor for speed and length measurement

Scantron is launching the µSpeed laser speed and length system that can be utilised in a broad range of non-contact speed and length measurement applications.

Capable of achieving a typical accuracy of better than +/-0.05 per cent, µSpeed is suitable for replacing contact-type tachometers that can suffer from measurement errors caused by slippage, chatter or vibration, dirt build-up and day-to-day wear problems. Measurement speed range is from 0-3600m/min, and the separate analysis/control unit features a two-line text display and membrane keypad.

Compact (150x100x40mm for the IP65 sensor head) and easy to use, the µSpeed uses proven laser Doppler technology. It therefore has no moving parts, is maintenance-free and permanently calibrated, resulting in significant savings in time and money.

More information about the µSpeed is available at

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