New LTPO orange connecting cable for lighting systems

Eldon has widened its range of standard accessories with the new LPTO orange plug-in connecting cable for LTL and LTLI lighting systems in a bid to make life easier for panel builders, installers and system integrators.

The cable is manufactured according to the EN 60204-1:2006 standard, which specifies a series of circuits for which it is highly recommended to use orange conductors called excepted circuits.

Excepted circuits are conductors that do not need to be disconnected by the supply disconnecting device. One example is the use of circuits for lighting needed during maintenance or repair.

Sheathed in orange, the LTPO has the same functionality as the LTP white cable found in Eldon's accessories portfolio. However, the main difference between an excepted circuit and a regular circuit is that the former has its own disconnecting device and is not governed by the general supply. Installed between light units, the LTPO cable is 1m long and has GST 18/3 connectors (male and female, 3x1.5mm2).

Follow the link for more information about Eldon's LTPO orange connecting cable.

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