New non-contact safety switches

Norstat Inc. is now offering a full range of non-contact, magnetically operated safety switches

The O-Type line of switches from Norstat are available in two versions. The OHE1 is a standalone, non-contact safety switch with 2 OSSD safety outputs and 1NC contact, and is magnetically coded.  The ODNK is a standalone, non-contact, RFID safety switch with 2 OSSD safety outputs and 1NC contact. The uniquely coded RFID has a possible 4 billion code combinations and both switches are suitable for series connection of up to 30 switches while still maintaining PL-e.         

Norstat says that these O-Type safety switches have been designed for use on applications where guard-locking is not required, and that they are available in either uniquely coded RFID (yellow) or coded magnetic (black). The dual channel OSSD outputs can be used to reach a safety category of CAT4, SIL3, and PL-e. These switches can be used with EDM (external device monitor­ing), meaning that users can monitor the state of contactors or safety relays in order to detect failure of the external device - thus eliminating the need for a safety monitoring device.

 The O-Type safety switches are available with 3, 6 or 10 metre pre-wired cables which are fully sealed and suitable for use in wet or harsh environments ( IP 67 & IP 69K ).  The full range of Norstat products can be found here.

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