New power supply unit from WAGO

PRO 2 is said to offer machine and panel builders a flexible, efficient and future proofed solution for a range of applications

WAGO says that its PRO 2 power supply unit offers a variety of benefits to machine and panel builders, including communications to aid predictive maintenance, intelligent load management, customised configuration, and simple installation via pluggable screwless connectors. It is also said to offer energy saving benefits.

The new unit is configured so that the most important operating data can be read off from the front of the unit, whilst additional data can be retrieved through the controller via the free of charge PC software. PRO 2 is also designed to keep users informed by providing real-time status information. For this, PRO 2 can be equipped with a choice of dedicated communication modules allowing users to select their preferred protocol for connection to  automation and control systems.

The LED bar chart on the front of PRO 2 indicates the current output power, as well as displaying overloads and load reserves. Other LEDs indicate the selected operating mode as well as providing warnings and error indications. Access to real-time data  clearly helps operating efficiency by supporting proactive preventative maintenance programmes.

A mean time before failure (MTBF) estimated at 1 million hours is claimed for the PRO 2, and points out that the low maintenance requirements and reduced frequency of potential call outs helps save on costs and resources.  The new unit can operate in challenging environments, including an ambient air temperature −40°Celsius to +70°Celsius. The company says that it also performs well in applications exposed to impacts and vibration. 

The new PRO 2 will protect the supply of power thanks to TopBoost - a function that allows up to 600% of output voltage for 15 milliseconds in the event of a downstream short circuit, to safely trigger thermomagnetic circuit breakers.  In addition, PowerBoost – with 150% of the output power for up to 5 seconds, allows capacitors to be charged more quickly and ensure that inductive loads are switched reliably.  The new unit can also be used as a single-channel electronic circuit breaker, eliminating the need for further external circuit breakers. 

WAGO states that its PRO 2 provides up to 96.3% efficiency, offering users lower energy consumption coupled with associated carbon emission reduction benefits.  The company also says that the new unit can be speedily connected using industry-proven spring pressure connections and pre-assembled cables.


PRO 2 is a power supply and much more besides
PRO 2 is a power supply and much more besides


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