New range of detect switches for ATCA applications

C&K Components is introducing a variety of detect switches for use in ATCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) applications. Designated the MDS Series, SDS Series, SDT Series and HDT Series, the detect switches are implemented on the server blade as a safety mechanism to guarantee that the blade is powered down, while ensuring no data are lost.

David Webber, senior product manager for C&K Components, says: "Switches in ATCA applications have traditionally been through-hole mounted, but we have added a full line of surface-mount products, providing our customers with greater design flexibility and allowing us to extend the terminals to provide a more robust assembly to the PC board. The extended offering of detect switches allows us to meet the expanded temperature ranges and vibration requirements as ATCA applications continue to grow in popularity in the military and medical arenas."

While most ATCA applications are used in network and telecom servers, the detect switches are also being increasingly employed on advanced mezzanine cards (AMC) for improved data integrity in military, datacom and medical applications including black boxes and high-end ultrasound equipment.

The family of detect switches includes:

  • MDS Series micro snap-acting detect switch available in vertical and right-angle PCB mount with 2.9mm travel
  • SDS Series side-actuated detect switch with low 2mm profile and 2mm overtravel
  • SDT Series micro mini pendulum detect switch with top or side actuation and low 3.3mm profile
  • HDT Series micro mini detect switch with top or side actuation and low 3.35mm profile


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