New short form catalogue and Resources CD from IMO

IMO Precision Controls is launching its new short form catalogue, covering a wide range of innovative new products in the key market sectors of process control, panel building, safety, drive systems and electronics.

Designed to meet the needs of today's OEMs, panel builders and end users, the new short form catalogue includes some of the best-selling products among IMO's 15,000 product lines, the majority of which are backed by three-year or, in the case of drives, five-year guarantees.

Extending to 53 pages and including 27 product categories, the catalogue is available in both hardback and CD formats. The CD (IMO Resources) is the more comprehensive of the two, providing additional catalogues for DIN rail terminals, push buttons, relays, sensing and switching products, and terminal blocks, plus user training manuals, configuration/programming software and full technical datasheets on the entire IMO product range.

New products

Products appearing in the catalogue for the first time include the i3 (ICube) integrated logic controller, Jaguar VXR inverters, C4 motor circuit breakers, iCon signal conditioners and DIN rail power supplies.

All of these products are designed to provide high levels of flexibility and performance for users and OEMs. The i3 controller, for example, reduces equipment costs and the time for integrating discrete logic and HMI combinations by the simple expedient of combining both functions - plus open bus communications - in a single, easy-to-mount unit.

Offering similar flexibility, but for motion control, the new Jaguar VXR drive is suited to demanding lift or hoisting applications as well as fan or pump control. Moreover, it offers users the operating security of IMO's five-year guarantee, a benefit now offered across the full range of IMO Jaguar drives.

Free copies of the new short form catalogue and IMO Resources CD are available from IMO's marketing department by telephoning +44 (0)800 066 5065 or emailing

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