New Southco cam latch extensions from Zygology

Now available from Zygology are product extensions from Southco which are said to simplify design and increase the performance and versatility of its E5 Cam Latch series

Zygology points to a number of key features available from the new arrivals including an extended housing version for accommodating increased panel thicknesses, a roller cam option that compensates in cases of inadequate gasket compression and a flush mounting cup that provides designers with both flush and a sub flush installation capability.

The E5 Cam Latch series provides users with quick access with just a quarter turn, and offers designers the flexibility of modular design for numerous actuation and dimensional options. Zygology says that the new product releases offer reliable performance for a variety of applications where light compression and sealing is required, especially for HVAC and industrial enclosures. 

The extended housing accommodates panel and door thicknesses up to 52mm and delivers light compression. This makes it especially suitable for applications where sealing efficiency is a key design consideration, for example on enclosures with thermal insulation as used in the commercial HVAC industry.

The plastic roller-style cam is said to reduce the operational force required and also features light compression for simple enclosure applications. This provides secure cam engagement and up to 2mm of light-duty compression: it also eliminates vibration and rattling during operation says Zygology. The smooth rotation of the cam roller reduces frictional force and improves door opening and closing compared to using a flat cam. Further, the roller cam is also said to provide an economic, secure solution for overcoming inadequate gasket compression with low operating effort. It is also compatible with Southco E5 Cam Latches as well as other Southco product ranges including H3 Swing handle Cam Latches, E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latches, M1 Compression Latches and 92 T- and L-Handle Style Cam Latches.

A flush mounting cup accessory can be combined with any of Southco’s E5 Cam Latches or E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latches to meet NEMA 4 and IP65 requirements for water and dust protection. This allows the latch to be mounted flush to the panel by recessing the mounting point and is available with both threaded stud and through-hole mounting styles, offering design flexibility to best fit the requirements of the application.

Zygology Sales Director Richard Avery observes that “The simplified design and performance benefits will be especially beneficial for our HVAC customers, but also any client application where light compression and secure sealing is required”. 

New additions to the Southco cam latch portfolio offer advantages to both designers and users
New additions to the Southco cam latch portfolio offer advantages to both designers and users

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