New UK source for versatile, low-cost CSS CAN-bus data loggers

Control Technologies UK Ltd is now the UK distributor for CSS Electronics and its range of CAN-bus data loggers.

CSS Electronics designs and manufactures powerful CAN-bus analysers. The CLX000 range combines standalone CAN loggers (8GB+) and real-time CAN interfaces. Already heavily used across a number of industries, including industrial, EVs, motorsports and automation, the CLX000 loggers are versatile and highly capable for CAN-bus analysis. The series comes with an 8GB+ SD card memory (250M+ CAN messages) for recording data over long intervals. Furthermore, the CLX000 also enables real-time streaming via Wireshark for diagnostics and reverse engineering. Finally, the WiFi auto-transfer option and compact size make the CLX000 loggers excellent for low-cost and easy-to-deploy CAN loggers.

Control Technologies UK is a leading control systems integrator and solutions provider, specialising in systems utilising CAN-bus. With over a decade of experience in delivering end-to-end solutions to a wide range of industries, including automation, off-highway, EVs, marine, renewables and many more, Control Technologies UK says it offers a unique engineering and systems solution. Control Technologies UK combines tried-and-tested design and development methodologies with cutting-edge hardware and a level of ingenuity. From system design through to software development, hardware design and integration to project management, Control Technologies UK is a one-stop-shop for CAN-bus system consultancy, design, development and implementation.

Mark Wood, Managing Director of Control Technologies UK, states: "At Control Technologies UK we are continually seeking out new technology to provide our clients with the best solutions. The CSS Electronics data loggers are the perfect mix of power and capability but at a low-cost - making them a most attractive solution for clients who want easily deployed, reliable data analytics. CSS Electronics share the same ethos as us - reliability, adaptable and rapid deployment - and it is great to have them as part of our solutions portfolio."

Martin Falch, a Partner at CSS Electronics, adds: "We are continuously looking to expand our network of trusted partners in key markets. The UK, in particular, is exciting, with a fast-growing trend in industrial automation, fleet management and other applications where the CLX000 series is ideal. We are confident that Control Technologies UK Ltd is the right partner to engage local customers with a great level of professionalism - as well as providing vital feedback to our team so we can improve the series."

Contact Control Technologies UK for more information and to get the best prices for CSS CAN-bus data loggers.

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