New white paper: functional safety and information security

HIMA has published a new white paper, Functional Safety at Your Plant Requires IT Security, which explores the relationship between cyber security and plant safety. The paper is free to download and is a useful tool for those seeking more information in the light of the dramatic increase in the number of such attacks.

The white paper is authored by Peter Sieber of HIMA, a member of IEC steering committees on both functional safety and IT security. It explores the assertion that the most robust solution for the targets for cyber attacks - be that industrial facilities such as petrochemical plants or mining facilities or even the rail industry - is to separate the Safety Instrumented System from the Basic Process Control System.

Three main questions are addressed in the white paper:

  • Can the 'insecurity' of integrated control systems influence the functional safety of a plant?
  • What needs to be protected?
  • Can the principles developed for functional safety be applied to issues surrounding cyber security?

Complete with operational examples and specific recommendations for improving security and safety at industrial facilities, the white paper is written for readers from IT backgrounds and also those familiar with processing, engineering and safety. As such, it contains foundational information that most readers will find essential to ensure they are familiar with the terminology and core technical standards governing the area.

Follow the link to download the free white paper Functional Safety at Your Plant Requires IT Security.

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