New XC-8800 cryochiller is versatile and affordable
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Posted to News on 14th Jun 2012, 10:34

New XC-8800 cryochiller is versatile and affordable

Megatech is introducing the Brooks Automation XC-8800 HC cryochiller, describing it as a new, affordable, multipurpose cryogenic refrigeration system for ultra-low-temperature cooling. Based on the PFC series, the XC-8800 can be used in conjunction with most vacuum equipment and is capable of providing up to 4000W of cooling.

New XC-8800 cryochiller is versatile and affordable

Water vapour and other condensible substances can be captured by freezing them on to a cold surface such as a cryocoil or chevron baffle. Capable of cooling in a temperature range of -98 to-130degC, the system can cryocondense water vapour in the vacuum systems at speeds of up to 220,000 litres/s. When connected to a vacuum system, the XC-8800 can dramatically reduce the need for pumpdown systems and increase product throughput. This versatile product will pump water vapour within minutes of starting and can defrost within four minutes, giving fast cycling capability.

Every unit has RS-232 communications and a gauge port as standard, as well as a manual machine interface. An easy-to-read LCD display is included with a keypad for navigation and selection of programmes.

Other features include a rapid balance pressure check, which gives a balance pressure reading within 20 minutes to help maximise tool uptime, self-diagnostics, and patented 'green' refrigerants that are globally compliant, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Optional extras include castors and lifting rings for ease in moving the equipment. Also the dual circuit enables the XC-8800 to cool two cryosurfaces (two crycoils, coil and baffle, or two baffles), which can be cooled or defrosted separately.

This innovative cooler, though primarily for use in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, has many applications in laboratories, research and development facilities, and manufacturing.

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