Technical articles
On the optimum path
A look inside new machining strategies and specially designed milling tools
Developing a liquid gasket process pays dividends
Liquid gaskets are an established way of sealing electronic devices, ensuring they are fully protected – even at the join – from water, pressure, vibration or contaminants
Simple guide to functional safety for machines
Leigh Jenkins, product manager- Safety, at Phoenix Contact, outlines the essential steps that need to be taken
Stall torque factors when specifying brushless dc motors
And often overlooked is the stall torque – and that really matters!
From simulation to virtual commissioning
More and more concrete applications increase benefit of digital twin
Important Ecodesign Regulation reminder for machine builders
EU rules will impact motors and drives from 1 July this year
The role of compressed air systems in green production
Alexander Pavlov, general manager, Atlas Copco Compressors UK, offers his take on how companies can reduce both the production cost of compressed air and their carbon footprint
Powerful new tools revealed for machine builders
Benefits of using ‘Safety over EtherCAT’ in machine design projects outlined
New, expandable safety controller from Mechan Controls
Mechan Controls has launched its new, modular EM1/GM1 Safety Control Units. The goal set by the company was to develop an ‘intelligently simple’ safety controller that was expandable and (equally importantly), non-programmable
The clock is ticking!
The time has come to convert to energy-efficient geared motors
BFPA Fluid power Standards
This is a paper by Richard Driver, Technical Manager, Valves section at the SMC European Technical Centre based in the UK. He is a technical expert on the BFPA’s MCE18/5 and MCE 18/8 technical committees and contributes to the resulting standards. SMC says that as a leading pneumatic supplier in the UK and globally, it recognises the importance of getting involved in BFPA’s important industry standards development work
Hydraulic gear motors from jbj Techniques
jbj Techniques has a well-proven range of hydraulic gearmotors. It has also published a comprehensive online resource on the subject that can be accessed 24/7 free of charge
Why a VSD is important for compressor users
Typically, a fifth of UK industry’s electricity bill is attributed to the production of compressed air, but it is a sobering fact that a substantial portion of the generated power dedicated to its production is actually energy wasted. This White Paper from Atlas Copco Compressors describes how savings can be effected
Recycling and shredding machines – key challenges to conquer
Design phase is critical to ensure top performance over many years
How to reduce waste in food production
Bosch Rexroth’s Paul Hickman outlines steps that can be taken in packaging automation projects to eliminate or minimise waste
Working with the PCAN Explorer 6
To make machines work efficiently and reliably, today’s OEMs have to embrace data. And lots of it. Mark Wood of Control Technologies UK discusses the subject
New motor energy efficiency rules are coming
From 1st July this year, the new phase of the ErP directive will come into force for electric motors. With this ecodesign directive, Europe wants to encourage manufacturers to bring more energy-efficient products onto the market. This article, authored by Lenze motor expert Florian Breker, sheds light on an important milestone for machine and system designers, builders and integrators
KEB helps overcome design challenges
When designing a machine for shredding and recycling applications, many challenges need to be overcome to ensure the machine performs at a high level over many years. Three of the most important are limiting downtime, eliminating contamination issues and achieving energy cost savings. Selecting the right drive technology from an experienced supplier is critical, says Jeff Kardell of KEB Automation
The indispensable side of cabling
Systems accessories must meet the requsite standards
Smart approach to actuators
A new generation of electric actuators is focused on advancing linear actuation technology

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