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Does personality affect manufacturing performance?
Martyn Williams, managing director of Copa-Data UK examines how business leaders can use personality theory in their businesses to improve manufacturing performance.
IIoT: When the real world merges with the digital one
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of the driving forces behind Industry 4.0, transforming automation and production. As an automation building block, ctrlX AUTOMATION from Bosch Rexorth offers a solution to unite IT and OT as well as to increase the efficiency of plants and machines.
Advances in automation technology – practical solutions
Digital transformation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0 are just a few of the reoccurring themes that dominate when discussing advancing technology for industrial automation. As a manufacturer or machine builder, the question is how to translate these themes into effective solutions that could benefit your current automation processes. Korina Parker, marketing manager at Murrelektronik UK, looks at workable solutions for these advances that are easy to integrate and have long-lastin...
Machine builders can help manufacturers protect against cyber hacks
Stephen Hayes, managing director at automation and control technology specialist Beckhoff UK, explores the risks that surround using complex software for automation and how machine builders can mitigate these risks.
Multitouch applications with resistive touch technology
The PCAP technology is currently the most common input medium for multitouch applications. However, there are certain applications that still require resistive touch technology. What is the reason for choosing the resistive multi-touch technology? In which applications will it be used? We asked the experts at Schurter.
Encoders improve conveyor system performance
Encoder technology has evolved in recent years, offering advanced features such as digital outputs, high accuracy, and high-resolution measurement. These advanced features have made encoders a cost-effective solution for improving the performance of conveyor systems, as the experts at British Encoder Products explain.
Get a grip: force control for robot end effectors
Gerard Bush of motion specialist Inmoco explains the motion control techniques behind robot end effectors.
Changing the game for HMLV manufacturers
Adnan Khan, business development manager at Beckhoff Automation UK, discusses how manufacturers can leverage technology to manage their supply chain effectively, save on costs, and deliver products to customers on time and in the way they want it.
Three questions on the new efficiency rules for electric motors
New efficiency rules for electric motors will take effect in the EU from July 2023. Motors in various power ranges are affected by the eco-design regulations. Daniel Lehmann, product manager at KEB Automation, explains what lies behind these regulations and the effects they will have on users of KEB motors.
Mechanical engineering needs digital solutions
At the Hannover Fair 2023, Lenze will show how engineering time can be saved, energy consumption reduced, and resources conserved throughout the entire machine life cycle through the concrete use of information technology (IT) and Smart Data, via its Nupano platform.
Delivering value to industrial enterprises
Edge-to-Cloud integration strategies deliver value to industrial enterprises, as Greg Hookings, industry director at Stratus Technologies explains.
Apex Dynamics switches to rated input amid gearbox speed debate
There is a debate in the servo gearbox industry over whether gearboxes should be benchmarked against rated input speed or max input speed. Apex Dynamics has been looking closely at both, and making sure customers know the difference when it comes to torque specifications.
A guide to monitor mounting arms
Stewart Beck, global product manager at Southco, looks how monitor mount arms work and the key design considerations when choosing one.
Choosing the right modular safety system
Modular safety systems can deliver significant benefits, as long as key features are included in the specification, as the experts at Wieland Electric explain.
Increased efficiency, improved commissioning, machine monitoring and process opt
Leuze says system operators can benefit in multiple ways from integrated connectivity, with benefits ranging from commissioning (device management) to machine monitoring (condition monitoring) to process optimisation.
Unlocking efficiency and productivity in manufacturing
Stephen Hayes, managing director at automation and control technology specialist Beckhoff UK, explores the benefits of integrating robots into a full manufacturing environment to unlock improved efficiency and productivity.
How to speed up cobot integration
Good planning and strong partners help SMEs overcome hurdles in automation, says Peter Lange, business development manager for robotics at Omron.
Measuring long distances with Swiss precision
There are many applications where large distances need to be measured as quickly as possible and with a high degree of accuracy for positioning, surveying or monitoring tasks. Sensors UK managing director David White looks at how Dimetix laser distance sensors can meet these requirements with precision, robustness, flexibility and speed.
Fast scanning for detection of faults and defects
From batteries to burgers, fast scanning is finding new inspection applications, as Paul Wilson, managing director of Scorpion Vision, explains.
How to deliver convergence with TSN
Jeremy Shinton, product manager for Edge computing technologies at Mitsubishi Electric, explains how companies can harness TSN to create an ideal, convergent network of industrial automation devices.

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