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Key enablers for boosting machine performance
Motors, drives and PLCs are all key enablers for success when it comes to boosting machine performance, as Johann Arndt, global product line manager for automation at ABB Drives, explains.
Machine connectivity in the age of service excellence
Today, leading machine builders recognise that their machines are platforms for continuous value creation. Gradually we are leaving the era of ‘build, sell, and forget’ behind us, giving rise to a new imperative – to prioritise after-sales services. Machine connectivity is the foundation of this new imperative, as the experts at IXON explain.
Maximising robot productivity potential through comprehensive training
The world of manufacturing continues to become ever more competitive as businesses strive to address multiple challenges such as maintaining their supply chain, mitigating rising energy costs, improving productivity, whilst enhancing their environmental credentials. The experts at Stäubli explain how effective training with robots can help deliver enhanced productivity.
OEMs, tech partners and end users comprise magic triangle
Design improvements and data tools were two elements discussed during the keynote presentation of the OEM Leader to Leader Summit during Automation Fair 2023 as a means to tackle supply chain disruption.
Solving the UK productivity challenge with control technology
Stephen Hayes, managing director of automation and control technology specialist, Beckhoff UK, explains how control technology can play a key role in solving the UK’s productivity puzzle.
The art and science of machine design
As an integration partner, Aerotech supports its customers from an initial idea to turnkey automation systems.
Industrial or collaborative robots? Stäubli offers the best of both worlds
Those considering the purchase of a robot system now have to decide whether the best and most appropriate choice will be a cobot, or whether a traditional industrial robot will offer the optimum solution, as the experts at Stäubli explain.
Accelerating time-to-market using digital twin technology
Stephen Hayes, managing director of automation specialist Beckhoff UK, explores the transformative power of digital twin technology and how it delivers instant return on investment (ROI) for manufacturers, revolutionising their ability to accelerate innovation and gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.
How automation is transforming machine performance and reliability
Advanced digital tools are changing the service game for machine builders and end-users. The experts at Lenze explain how.
Unleashing the power of Edge IoT and AIoT
Stephen Hayes, managing director at automation and control technology specialist, Beckhoff UK, explores the possibilities of edge IoT and AIoT.
What to ask to select the correct gear unit for your application
Marek Lukaszczyk, Europe and Middle East marketing manager for geared motor manufacturer, WEG, explains how to specify the correct gear unit for your application.
Cutting, dosing and packing with safety drives
Fabian Fischer, team leader for application sales at KEB Automation, explains the challenges food and packaging machinery pose for drive and automation solutions and how these can be overcome. Functional safety concepts, for example, are of particular importance.
Automated laboratories advance pharmaceutical manufacturing
Martin Gadsby, VP at Optimal Industrial Technologies, looks at how to automate analytical laboratories to improve pharmaceutical operations.
Software, robotics and people
Digital transformation is about fundamentally changing the way we do business. It impacts everything across an organisation – from culture and people to processes and business models. With that in mind, the experts at Schneider Electric look at the role of human-centric automation in high-performing industrial businesses.
Driving robotics and embedded motion applications
Dean Crumlish, product and applications manager at Copley Controls, explores the use of compact, efficient and powerful nano-type servo drives with innovative thermal management technology and EtherCAT and CANopen support for robotics and embedded motion applications.
Advantages of balanced tapered section retaining rings in EV motors
As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain in popularity, the demand for efficient and reliable electric motors continues to increase. Electric motor design plays a crucial role in determining the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle. An often-overlooked component with a significant impact on performance is the retaining ring, as the experts at Rotor Clip explain.
Systems integrators are the enablers of industrial innovation
Systems integrators have a vital role as trusted advisors for those looking to achieve digital transformation, says Greg Hookings, EMEA director of business development at Stratus Technologies.
The basics of 3D vision – and the impact of AI
Paul Wilson, managing director of Scorpion Vision, explores the fundamental concepts of 3D Machine Vision, including stereo vision, point clouds, pixel displacement, depth perception, and height measurement.
Exploring the synergy of automation and sustainability
Stephen Hayes, managing director at Beckhoff UK, explores how connecting automation to sustainability goals can revolutionise businesses and help them contribute to a more sustainable planet.
Thermal imaging key for testing microchips
Thermal imaging is essential to the EU’s €22 billion investment to tackle microchip scarcity and shore-up global supply chains, as Jerry Beeney, director of global business development for science and automation at Teledyne FLIR, explains.

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