White papers
Free Guide to mechanical power transmission couplings
A newly updated Guide from jbj Techniques provides engineers with a valuable insight into the considerations needed when specifying couplings for power transmission applications ranging from 12Nm to 7,200,000 Nm
Spiers Engineering Safety publishes the ultimate guide to PUWER
Getting your head around PUWER inspections and PUWER planning can be difficult when you have many other things to be thinking about too. Spiers Engineering Safety has created the Ultimate Guide to PUWER which will walk you through the basics, and help you make informed decisions. This guide will also support learners working towards their Certified PUWER Assessor Qualification (CPA).
White paper sheds light on the challenges and solutions when using optical senso
A free-to-download white paper from sensing and instrumentation specialist Baumer considers all the challenges of why ambient light has such a significant influence on the performance of optical sensors and provides some practical solutions.
Traceability 4.0: The fundamental element of global manufacturing
Omron has produced a whitepaper looking to developments in traceability, highlighting how so called ‘Traceability 4.0’ connects digital and physical technology to optimise and improve yield.
Whitepaper explores traceability in the FMCG sector
Recognising how traceability has evolved due to the implementation of technology, Omron has produced a Whitepaper that explores the evolution of traceability and explains why the latest phase, Traceability 4.0, is not just about tracking products throughout the supply chain but also optimising productivity, quality and brand reputation within the manufacturing operation by tying product to process parameters.
Safely automated in compliance with standards
A new safety solution for palletisers and depalletiser using induction loops, light curtain and monitored signal sequence satisfies the requirements of revised standard EN 415-4, thereby ensuring maximum safety. Leuze has produced a new Technology Report detailing this new safety solution.
Safety and security go hand in hand
While engineering and industry are well positioned when it comes to safety, they are sorely lacking with regard to security. A new white paper from Pilz examines how safety and industrial security go hand in hand.
Enhancing EV and battery production
The latest technical paper from Keyence offers those in the EV/battery manufacturing realm an exclusive insight into ways in which vision systems, sensors, laser markers and other new technologies can be implemented to increase production efficiency and optimise end-product quality.
LOCTITE® instant adhesives upgraded
LOCTITE® 402 is Henkel’s new, best-in-class instant adhesive with faster fixture speed, superior heat performance and unique patented formula with upgraded health and safety credentials. Download all the details using the panel here.
Technology report: More safety in harsh environments
3D safety systems provide a good option for reliably monitoring danger zones
White Paper: Industry 4.0 and the dual channel principle
Increasing digitisation is opening up new possibilities in automation technology

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