Next-generation split roller bearings handle high thrust loads

JHB (John Handley Bearings), which is part of The Bowman Group of companies, is introducing a new range of cylindrical split roller bearings that are said to offer a huge variety of benefits and innovations across the board when compared with any other split bearings on the market.

The JHB Split Bearing is described as a game changer; in collaboration with Bowman Advanced Engineering, JHB has completely redesigned the original split bearing for the modern world, substantially extending its operating envelope to include high thrust load applications that were previously impossible for split bearings to handle. The JHB Split Bearing offers engineers a vastly improved bearing with increased capacities, versatility and simplicity of fitting and maintenance.

Furthermore, JHB says its new Split Bearing offers the highest radial and axial capacities of any split bearing in the world. Key features of the BHB Split Bearing are:

  • Increased radial capacity of up to 70 per cent
  • Increased axial capacity of up to 1000 per cent
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Axial and radial loads accommodated independently - allowing, for the very first time, the calculation of an axial L10 bearing life
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
  • Patent-pending Rollertrain bearing cage offers ease of use with unique interlocking joint
  • Patent-pending Sealtrain triple labyrinth seals manufactured from non-sparking PA11 material
  • Reversible clamp rings for increased life and durability
  • Available for next-day delivery
  • Interchangeable bearing components within group size
  • Uniform design across entire range

Follow the link for more information about JHB Split Bearings.

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