Nilab Green Drive - low-cost, powerful industrial pusher/puller

Now available from Servo Components & Systems Ltd, the Nilab Green Drive electric linear motor range is designed specifi;cally for use as an actuator. Combining the speed and rugged operation of pneumatics, the controllability of a ball screw and the inherent reliability of direct-drive linear motors, the Nilab Green Drive actuator is a low-cost, powerful industrial pusher/puller.

The simple two-part design makes the Green Drive actuator very reliable: the internal rod support bearing is maintenance-free, with a service life up to 10 times longer than that of ball screws. Using direct-drive electric technology, the Green Drive actuator has quiet operation with speeds up to 5m/s, peak force to 1750N and a positional repeatability of 50 microns, making it suitable for many industrial applications.

Traditional pneumatic actuators can become very complicated to program, requiring elaborate control valves and complex electro-pneumatic control systems to choreograph the positioning function. In contrast, the extensive range of Green Drive electric linear actuators are plug-n-play and are available from the miniature 4mm rod with flange dimension beginning from 15x34mm to the largest actuator with a 35mm rod and providing 1750N peak force. These electric actuators are fully programmable and are capable of continuous complex high-speed moves using a servo drive. The NiLab electric linear actuators are an excellent choice for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical and general automation industries.

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