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Editor: Jonathan Severn
1st July 2015

Welcome to the 100th issue of the monthly email newsletter. As usual, there are loads of great new products, technical articles and application stories for you. In particular I would like to draw your attention to the PLC Checker item. Itris Automation has developed PLC Checker (for automatic analysis and verification of PLC program quality), PLC Converter (automatic program conversion) and PLC DocGen (automatic documentation and reverse engineering of programs), which are well worth a look if your machines use PLCs for anything other than the simplest of automation.

Without wanting this to read too much like an Oscar acceptance speech, I would like to use our 100th issue as an opportunity to thank our readers for subscribing to and reading the newsletter. Also a big 'thank you' to the companies that provide news and sponsor some of the content, and a final 'thank you' to the team working behind the scenes to make each issue possible.


isPLC Checker verifies and improves quality of PLC programs
Herakles estimates it is enjoying a 200 per cent return on investment for Itris Automation's PLC Checker that automatically verifies PLC program quality. More?

skSick launches 'industry first' smart sensors
Sick's latest photoelectric, magnetic and proximity sensors have built-in intelligence to process data locally and reduce the load on networks and PLCs. More?

pxPrintronix launches new generation of high-end thermal printers
Printronix is launching the T8000 Thermal Printer series with the aim of offering the best thermal printers on the market. More?

akComplete EtherCAT system with controller, motion and I/O
The new Adlink EtherCAT system comprises an IEC 61131-3 compliant automation controller and deterministic I/O and motion control system. More?

fcFanuc unveils world-beating 35kg payload collaborative robot
Fanuc's TUV-certified CR-35iA robot has a significantly higher payload than other collaborative robots currently available. More?


foTraining course: Pneumatic Safety for Design Engineers
Festo's course covers the safe application of pneumatics and compliance with the Machinery Directive and appropriate machinery safety standards. More?

ttOnline registration is open for The Machine Building Show
You can now register for tickets to The Machine Building Show, which takes place at the NEC from 30 September to 1 October. More?


pzSafe motion monitoring made easy with configurable module
A new configurable module from Pilz monitors motion, speed, direction and safe stopping when used with PSS 4000 programmable safety systems. More?

rzWhen should you specify standard, modified and custom gears?
This technical article from R.A. Rodriguez (U.K.) discusses the situations in which it is appropriate to specify standard, modified and custom gears. More?

prWhat are the differences between ISO 14120 and EN 953?
Jeremy Procter of Procter Machine Guarding explains the differences between EN 953 and the new machine guarding standard that is replacing it. More?

urUR3 - a versatile, lightweight table-top collaborative robot
Universal Robots' UR3 table-top six-axis robot has a payload of 3kg, 0.1mm repeatability and advanced safety settings for operating without guards. More?

hlTips for using threadlockers and retaining compounds on machines
This article from Henkel provides ten tips for using threadlocking adhesives and retaining compounds to reduce costs and improve reliability. More?

isYour chance to see new gantries for XY, XZ and XYZ applications
This month igus is exhibiting one of its most exciting recent innovations, namely economical off-the-shelf gantries for 2D and 3D motion applications. More?

mcMini-sized aluminium framing profiles and components
MiniTec is launching a range of aluminium profiles, matching modular elements and fittings based on a sectional size of 30 x 30mm. More?

imProgrammable IO-Link incremental encoders with integral display
New encoders from ifm are fully programmable and feature switched outputs, two-colour displays for count or speed, and IO-Link connectivity. More?

stNon-contact torque monitoring brings benefits to ship unloaders
This article from Sensor Technology uses the example of dockside ship unloaders to demonstrate the benefits of non-contact torque measurement. More?


niWebcasts explain the latest robot technologies and applications
National Instruments' four-part webcast series covers new robotics technologies and applications; it is suitable for both experts and newcomers. More?


You can't hide
This week we follow Dilbert as he attempts to evade the authorities, having refused to hand over his anti-hacker app. More?

Jonathan Severn

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