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Editor: Jonathan Severn
5th December 2018

Machine builders in the UK have been concerned about what will happen to standards and regulations after Brexit. At the time of writing it is still not 100 per cent certain whether the UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019 and, if so, what the arrangements will be. However, at the end of November we got some clarity about standards, as both CEN and CENELEC approved a plan that secures BSI's full membership of these two bodies. Through BSI, the UK will therefore continue to contribute to the development and maintenance of European standards, which is welcome news. Read more about this here.

If anyone else in your organisation needs to keep up with developments relating to standards and regulations, either in the context of Brexit or generally, please forward this email to them and suggest they subscribe to the newsletter.


abSafety PLC facilitates fail-safe condition monitoring
ABB says this is the first safety PLC with integrated condition monitoring, which will help to prevent catastrophic failures and improve uptime. More?

pj312 pages of advice for designing screw jack systems
Power Jacks' new guidance will help engineers specify screw jacks and associated gearboxes, motors, couplings, encoders and limit switches.  More?

lnThe Lenze online advent calendar is back for 2018!
Full of fun and information, Lenze's online Advent Calendar is once again bringing festive cheer to engineers. More?

rlEasy-to-use protocol conversion and data acquisition devices
Red Lion says these new devices make it quicker and easier to unlock valuable data, particularly from legacy equipment. More?

caCC-Link IE TSN: the next-generation Ethernet-based network
Based on CC-Link IE, the new specification provides for time sensitive networking and closer integration of OT (operational technology) and IT. More?


esSouthern Manufacturing 2019 has plenty to offer machine builders
See products, systems and services from 800+ exhibitors, and take part in the extensive programme of technical seminars. More?

knRAI Industry Showcase for robotics and artificial intelligence (RAI)
Organised by the Knowledge Transfer Network, this event is designed to accelerate the adoption of RAI technologies to stimulate productivity. More?


ieExpandable PCs for harsh factory automation applications
New IP65 fanless panel PCs from IBASE benefit from 6th Generation Intel Core processors and come with 15, 17 or 19-inch touchscreen displays. More?

sfGlobal leadership in customised machined seals
SKF's machined polymer seals offer a faster, more versatile alternative to moulded seals for diameters up to 10,000mm, and with very short lead times. More?

ahSix-axis drive rack for brushed, brushless and stepper motors
Aerotech's versatile XR3 six-axis drive rack supports linear and PWM topologies and any combination of DC brushed, brushless and stepper motors. More?

lgAISI 316 stainless extension springs stocked by Lee Spring
Lee Spring's new ex-stock AISI 316 stainless steel extension springs are a reliable option for applications in aggressive environments. More?

mcWhite paper makes sense of alarm system performance KPIs
M.A.C. Solutions and Lieven Dubois have co-authored a white paper entitled The Sense and Nonsense of Alarm System Performance KPIs. More?

pzPilz launches PSENscan safety laser scanner
New from Pilz, the PSENscan monitors up to three separate zones, has a scanning angle of 270 degrees and a protected field range of up to 5m. More?

pxSurge protection now mandatory in 2018 revision of NFPA 79
This article from Phoenix Contact explains the new requirement for surge protection when exporting machines to certain states in the USA. More?

Smart Factories: what to expect from the factory of the future
Andrew Minturn of Bosch Rexroth takes a look at the future of manufacturing and the benefits that are already becoming available. More?
How changes in legislation benefit not impact on productivity
Kevan Cowley of Wieland Electric looks at the changes in legislation and standards and how this can benefit and not impact on production rates. More?
New macro for ultra-fast on-machine probing
Renishaw's SupaScan QuickPoint macro makes on-machine probing feasible even for machining applications with very short cycle times. More?


Who do you believe?
This week Dilbert says he is quitting, Wally has a doctor's note and the Pointy-Haired Boss claims he knows which employees do the work. More?


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