Oilite Bearing Calculator provides tolerances and fitting data

Bowman International has a useful Oilite Bearing Calculator on its website for finding the correct sizes and tolerances when working with Oilite self-lubricating sintered bushes. Two versions of the calculator are available for metric plain bearings and metric flanged bearings.

Using the Oilite Bearing Calculator is very simple: enter the bearing's nominal inside diameter, outside diameter and length (and flange diameter if appropriate), then select the standard to which tolerances must be quoted (eg metric to ISO 2795 or German metric to DIN 1850). Other data required are the rotational speed and bearing load. When a standard bearing is available with the required dimensions, the part number is displayed.

The Oilite Bearing Calculator then outputs values for radial pressure, radial velocity, PV factor and maximum pressure. In addition, users can see the tolerances and the fitting data for the bearing's specified dimensions.

Bowman International, which manufactures Oilite bearings, offers an extensive range of standard products; alternatively, the company can produce both bronze and iron bearings and customer-specified structural parts that are designed to meet individual requirements. Standard products include plain bushes, flanged bushes, spherical bearings and thrust washers. Material is also available in the form of bar, hollow bar and flat plate for machining to size. Bowman has a machine shop specifically for machining bearings to customers' requirements. Various material specifications are offered to suit different operating requirements.

Follow the link to try the Oilite Bearing Calculator and to find out more about Oilite bearings, as well as all the other bearings that Bowman offers.

* Oilite is a registered trade mark in the UK. Genuine Oilite bearings are available only from Bowman International Ltd and its authorised distributors.

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