Oilless cast bronze bearings with graphite lubrication

Bowman International is promoting its recently launched range of cast bronze bearings with graphite plugs, commonly referred to as oilless bearings.

Graphite plug bearings are well suited to applications where no external lubrication can be provided, for high-temperature applications where oil or grease would carbonise, and for bearings that will be immersed in water.

To cover different situations, several grades of bronze and graphite are offered. Customers should contact Bowman's technical department to ascertain which would be the most suitable combination to suit their application, especially for wet or submerged situations.

These bearings will operate between -200 and +425egC, as well as in cryogenic conditions where conventional lubricants would freeze; they are also excellent where bearings are inaccessible, as they are lubricated for life.

The graphite plug lubrications principle can be applied to various types of bearing configurations, some of which are pictured here.

Standard ranges are available from Bowman but customised bearings for customer-specific requirements can be manufactured, usually without the need for extra tooling.

Typical applications for this type of bearing are:

  • High-temperature applications: ovens, kilns, dryers, injection moulding machines, dust collectors, louvres and hot conveyors.
  • Dry applications: printing, textile, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical machinery.
  • Wet applications: submersed pumps, textile finishing, chemical processing and plating machinery, water turbines, lock gates and numerous marine applications.

Follow the link for more information about Bowman International's self-lubricating cast bronze bearings with graphite plugs.

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