On guard with the UGB-NET RFID Solenoid locking switch

Solution boasts integrated safe industrial ethernet capabilities via PROFINET with PROFISafe or Ethernet/IP with CIP Safety

IDEM Safety Switches’ Universal Gate Boxes (UGB-NET) provides high-level RFID coded guard interlocking, lock monitoring up to 3000N and machine control functions in a heavy-duty housing.

“They can easily be fitted to access doors to provide guard locking,” reports the company, “and are available with a range of mounting plates, handle accessories, escape release options and configurable machine controls. The UGB-NET can be customised for any full body access application.”

The video above shows the Universal Gate Box in action.

And below are listed the many advantages highlighted by IDEM Safety Switches:

1. Customisable: Choice of Protocols, connectors, machine control devices and colours, sliding and rotary handle, actuator options, mounting plates and rear release.

2. Robust construction: The housing is available in robust red painted die-cast or mirror polished 316 stainless steel capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

3. Low-cost maintenance: Lid, pilot devices and RFID coded tongue are all replaceable, if damaged; no need to replace the entire unit.

4. High level of safety: The guard interlocking, lock monitoring and e-stop safety functions each achieve up to Cat. 4 / PL e and SIL 3, in accordance with ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508.

5. Ease of installation: The UGB-NET is ready to install straight out of the box, due to mounting plates, external fixing points and accessible DIP switches. No need to open the product during installation.

6. Industrial ethernet: Comprehensive diagnostics and standardised connections make installation or device replacement quick and simple, reducing overall commissioning time and cost.

7. RFID Coding and Lock monitoring (holding force): RFID-coded tongue with 2 entry points and robust cam mechanism combines high coding acc. ISO 14119 with the long-term reliability of robust mechanical interlocking up to 3000N.

8. Daisy chain/simple connections: Redundant ethernet and power connections allow the UGB-NET to be used in a daisy chain or ring network to simplify wiring and taking advantage of MPR/DLR technologies to reduce downtime.

9. Expandable: An extension module can be added to provide up to 4 additional pilot devices and 4 M12 plugs for connecting field devices to your network. This can include light curtains, beacons, safety switches, emergency stops, enabling pendants, plus much more. The UGB-NET is robust, reliable and packed with technology to improve safety and connectivity throughout a factory.

IDEM Safety Switches operates throughout the world, providing customers with reliable and cost-effective machine safety solutions, adds the company. Its experienced team of engineers “ensure all products meet the latest international safety standards and are independently tested by TUV and cULus”. All products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

The IDEM Safety Switches' UGB-NET can be customised for any full body access application.
The IDEM Safety Switches' UGB-NET can be customised for any full body access application.
IDEM Safety Switches operates throughout the world.
IDEM Safety Switches operates throughout the world.

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