Online calculator shows payback periods for drill resharpeners

The productivity benefits and fast payback offered by Darex drill and cutting tool resharpeners - available in the UK from Kitagawa Europe Ltd - are highlighted through a new interactive product selector and payback calculator at

Simply by answering a short series of questions regarding company activities and tool usage, visitors to the site will receive recommendations on the most appropriate Darex sharpener for their operations, along with a payback period based on the information supplied.

Part of Kitagawa's extensive range of workholding systems and machining accessories, Darex drill and cutting tool sharpeners are renowned for their speed, accuracy and durability.

Colin Birch, Kitagawa's sales director, comments: "People may be surprised how quickly a Darex unit will achieve a 100 per cent return on investment. The calculator does not just take into account the obvious costs of cutting tool replacement; it recognises the differences between users who simply replace dull or worn out tools with new ones and those who employ external regrinding services, weighing these factors against the elimination of purchasing, administration and inventory costs that will be achieved using a Darex sharpener.

"The results can be a real eye-opener, especially as it is often the most experienced - and therefore most costly - operators in the workshop who may be asked to re-sharpen 'emergency' drills by hand."

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