Optimising tooling and cutting data

How to track down the top tooling solutions for machine jobs

As machining jobs become more complex, tolerances tighter, delivery times shorter and skilled operators harder to find, shops need reliable access to advice that helps them find the most efficient tooling solutions.

Seco Tools’ customers can reduce the time they need for process optimisation with quick, expert tooling recommendations, says the company, through the recently redesigned Seco Suggest – a free online resource available 24/7.

“After a user enters key information about their machines and application requirements into Suggest, they receive authoritative recommendations and cutting data in less than a minute,” states Seco.

Speed up set-up time for increased productivity

Suggest provides real-time access to Seco product information and recommended cutting data for most Seco products, enabling shops to minimise cycle times. "Any reduction in machining time helps shops maintain competitive advantages, but traditional cutting tool selection can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for less experienced operators," says Gerrit Kremer, global product manager, Digital Product Services.

Obtain relevant alternatives

As more than one tooling solution can address each machining situation, Suggest also lists alternative products that may be a better fit for a user’s unique prerequisites. For shops that need to optimise thread programming, Suggest accompanies application details with fully optimised CNC code.

Focus on customer convenience

Newly optimised for even easier use, Suggest helps shops get cutting data and tooling recommendations quickly and accurately, Seco concludes. “With this comprehensive solution to their questions about cutting strategies, customers can leverage the expertise of Seco Tools to achieve their best production results.”

Seco Suggest helps users find the right tooling solutions.
Seco Suggest helps users find the right tooling solutions.

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