OptoShield OS3101 safety laser scanner has improved performance

Omron Scientific Technologies' new OptoShield OS3101 safety laser scanner features a sleek design and offers a number of enhancements over the OS3100 model for even greater ease-of-operation and maintenance, and improved performance.

The OptoShield OS3101 features larger and easier-to-read status indicators to improve visual scanner status from many different angles. A new off-the-shelf power cable with 14-pin mini connector facilitates faster installation times (the previous DB-15 cable can still be used with an adapter from STI), and the communications port now includes a tethered IP65-rated cover to eliminate accidental loss. Additionally, the dust ring is now field-replaceable, and improved mounting brackets are a one-piece design for simplified installation.

This advanced safety laser scanner uses harmless laser light to sense an intrusion into a guarded area. It can be configured for multiple irregularly shaped hazardous areas, making it an excellent choice for safeguarding work cells, transfer lines, robot stations and automated guided vehicles.

The OptoShield provides diagnostic communications that Omron STI claims have never before been available in safety scanners. The OptoShield laser scanner has patented intrusion indicators for instant visual feedback; these indicators identify where the safety zone is being encroached without the need for difficult diagnostic searches or an external computer display. Operators like it for its efficiency, as they can see where the intrusion is and clear it immediately. The diagnostic display also includes a two-digit numeric display and four LED status indicators. Intuitive software facilitates easy navigation and configuration, allowing the OptoShield to be configured for an unlimited number of guarding arrangements.

Interface innovations include EDM/MPCE monitoring for control reliability so that the OptoShield is safely integrated into the control panel of the hazardous machinery. The outputs of the OptoShield handle 625mA to activate the larger widely used safety relays.

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