Versatile new shrouds for DIN 41 612 connector users

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Versatile new shrouds for DIN 41 612 connector usersHARTING has introduced a total of 40 new shrouds for its range of DIN 41 612 connectors, enhancing the versatility of the range by offering a range of assembly options.

With the new range, users can decide whether they wish to fix the shroud in the usual way with the help of the pre-assembled nuts, or whether the shroud can be assembled onto the connector by a press-in process.

The new shrouds are available in ten different heights, which eliminates the need for additional washers which would otherwise be needed to build up the mating face of the male connector and to secure the mating conditions.

The shrouds can be used in configurations with 13, 17 and 20 mm long tails and for the printed-circuit board thicknesses of between 1.6 mm and 7.2 mm.

All variants in the range are available for types C/R (96 pins) and 2C/2R

(48 pins).

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