SCADA suite is claimed to be the most open and complete

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SCADA suite is claimed to be the most open and completeSilverteam is introducing a full control, HMI and SCADA offering, having formed a strategic partnership with Wizcon based around its new Version 9.2 Supervisor package.

Combining both discrete and process control with HMI and SCADA functionality, plus full internet connectivity, Wizcon Supervisor delivers all the software tools needed to build complete and powerful automation systems.

Wizcon Supervisor makes it easy to develop both discrete and process control systems, complete with graphical user interface (GUI) and easy visualisation and distribution of information. Furthermore, with its inherent internet connectivity, Wizcon Supervisor extends the SCADA world beyond the plant floor to users who could be in any location, anywhere in the world. With just a standard browser running on any remote PC, applications can be developed, machines can be controlled, charts and images can be viewed, reports can be generated and distributed, and much more.

Open, complete, reliable and scalable

Wizcon Supervisor is claimed to be the most open, complete, reliable and scalable SCADA software suite available. Its easy-to-use interface, Wizcon Development Studio, allows powerful control systems to be set up quickly, and this speed of implementing an automation and reporting process leads to a rapid return on investment.

The package is built up from a number of discrete software tools, including: Wizcon for Windows and Internet; WizPLC; the WizAAM alarm management module; WizScheduler; WizVCR; and WizReport XL.

Wizcon for Windows and Internet is a powerful, web-enabled tool that delivers real-time and historical information from the plant floor to the boardroom and beyond. It provides full SCADA/HMI functionality for operator display on Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, plus the ability to publish the same information to any web browser using Wizcon's award-winning internet technology.

WizPLC is an open, standards-based, soft logic system for Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, which fully supports all six IEC 61131-3 programming languages. WizPLC offers PC-based control software that enables users to develop discrete control logic programs. It also offers hard real-time support for maximum determinism and reliability.

WizScheduler is a flexible and intuitive tool that enables users to plan, schedule and execute a variety of tasks based on time and date. The calendar-style interface provides an easy method to quickly define repetitive and one-time activities throughout the year.

Wizcon Supervisor also features a comprehensive Advanced Alarm Management (WizAAM) module with remarkable capabilities and flexibility. Users can adapt the hierarchy of the alarms exactly to their needs, inhibit or delay alarms according to specific process conditions, associate multiple comments to any alarm's acknowledgement, link online HTML help for each alarm, and much more. Local or web interfaces let users view, sort and acknowledge any alarm, from anywhere via the internet, email, mobile phone, pager, SMS, fax, remote printer, etc.

WizVCR provides a recording function, enabling the viewing of a specific period of time elapsed on the application. A control panel provides play speed control and a choice of time period. The separate image screen graphically displays the data stored in the program history.

WizReport XL provides complete, professional reporting for Wizcon, allowing users to generate professional Excel-based reports in four easy steps.

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