ASAST valves boast higher flow rates and reduced water hammer

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ASAST valves boast higher flow rates and reduced water hammerAlcon is introducing the ASAST series of 316 stainless steel valves, offering improved life, particularly in high-temperature process applications. The valves, which are designed for water, steam and corrosive fluid applications, direct the flow of fluids and gases under the valve seat. An angled body design promotes higher flow rates while eliminating traditional problems associated with water hammer, thereby helping to prolong the operating life of the valve and ensure a smoother delivery of fluid.

Alcon has applied over 50 years of experience and used state-of-the-art materials in order to maximise performance and minimise maintenance of the new extreme-environment ASAST valves. Inert to all but a few obscure substances, PTFE (Teflon) is used in the main seal to maintain performance across a wide range of temperatures, allowing the valves to control fluids and gases reliably from –200C to +180degC (-328 to +356degF).

Taking into account any future maintenance operations at the design stage, Alcon has angled the main body of the valve to reduce the height of the unit. This allows engineers in compressed air, packaging, water and paper processing industries to develop smaller, more compact systems with additional room for maintenance operations. Ease of fitting and maintenance has been further improved by the introduction of an optical indicator that allows easy identification of valve position; the body of the valve can also be rotated through 360 degrees for quicker status checking.

Remote control is achieved via 13mm BS21 or NPT port connections for single-spring-return or double-acting compressed air piloting arrangements. Alternatively the valve bodies are designed for the attachment of Alcon 31 series solenoid pilot valves for electronic operation. Control inputs can come from 12, 24, 48 or 110V DC sources or 24, 110, 120, 220 or 230V 50/60Hz AC supplies. The valves cater for pipe sizes from 13mm (1/2in) to 50mm (2in) and are available with NPT, BSP, Butt or Socket Weld fitting arrangements; high flow rates of up to 52.8Kv are possible using the 50mm (2in) unit.

Alcon ASAST series valves function reliably in external temperatures ranging from -10C to +60degC (+14 to +140degF).

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