SCADA system benefits from integrated PLC logic

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SCADA system benefits from integrated PLC logicCopa-Data will present zenOn and a new integrated SCADA Logic offering at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2006, Nuremberg, booth 7-594.

In a SCADA application it is often necessary to execute logical operations in order to calculate interdependences between PLCs. For this, the zenOn independent HMI/SCADA package provides a Mathematics driver and support for VBA script integration. If the limits of the Mathematics driver are reached, or if the user is reluctant to program in VBA, Copa-Data now offers an easy and powerful alternative: the Straton IEC 61131-3 soft control platform can be used as the head controller in an application.

While running as a background process, Straton takes over the complex calculations required for control tasks. Straton has no negative effect on the zenOn runtime, thereby ensuring the safety of the application. The integration of Straton in zenOn results in a SCADA system with integrated PLC logic, called SCADA Logic.

Users of SCADA Logic do not need to learn the VBA syntax, because Straton is programmed using familiar IEC 61131-3 programming languages including FDB, LD, IL, ST and SFC. A cyclic execution guarantees a valid process image for the SCADA system at all times. If required, several instances of Straton can run simultaneously to share tasks in a structured way.

SCADA Logic offers other new possibilities too. Capable of performing more than just calculations and control, Straton also offers a variety of function blocks for communication - such as TCP/IP or direct serial connections. Previously unsupported communication modes can therefore be made available to zenOn-based SCADA systems. There are also extensive possibilities for file-based data storage (XML, for example) from Straton.

An exciting application of SCADA Logic is the simulation of processes using PLCs in the field, allowing comparisons to be made between the real situation and the desired situation. Deviations are recognised and can be displayed - for instance, as alarms in the zenOn SCADA system.

SCADA Logic takes advantage of the proven zenOn availability model. The networking and operational redundancy of zenOn acts in concert with the Straton redundancy, resulting in a highly available package.

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